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Business class and economy in airplane: comparison and advantages

To pay or not to pay - that is the question. Before buying a ticket for an air flight, many passengers do not know whether it is worth overpaying for business class or whether it is better to choose a more affordable economy class. The differences between the two segments are not only in name and cost. We tell you what passengers get and how the two classes differ.


The advantage of business class over economy class can be perfectly traced in passenger meals.

On the shortest flights, the difference is barely noticeable: airlines include a small snack in the cost of the flight or do without it at all. The situation changes on slightly longer flights: a pastry or toast in economy class and a cold lunch for the business segment. By the way, each airline sets its own rules, and even on such flights they may not offer passengers meals at all.

What is the situation on medium- and long-haul flights? Usually passengers in business class receive a multi-course set meal. Some airlines specifically ask chefs to develop a special menu for such passengers. A great addition to lunch or dinner will be quality drinks right in the air, including wines, whiskeys, cocktails and other alcoholic options.

By the way, some airlines, such as Singapore Airlines, offer the service of pre-booking meals before the flight. Thanks to this, you can follow your usual diet even at an altitude of several thousand meters and enjoy your favorite dish in flight.

What is in store for economy class passengers? Prepare to receive a light snack or lunch, as well as drinks. The quality and choice of food will be lower than in business class, but hunger will not make you think about yourself and will definitely not disrupt your plans.

Seating and space

Business Class passengers pay for comfort and convenience. In return, they receive seats that are longer and wider than their economy counterparts. Here everyone can stretch their legs and relax during a flight of any distance. Business class row includes fewer seats in comparison with economy and gives an opportunity to enjoy the space.

By the way, if necessary, the seats can be easily turned into beds. They will be a great place for a night flight in combination with a warm blanket and a soft pillow.

The seats in economy are narrower, do not recline and limit legroom. Be prepared for 3-4 seats in one row. Meanwhile, passengers in business class have additional restrooms and even lounge areas at their disposal.


Business Class passengers are given priority during check-in. To do this, you need to approach separate counters, where the queue is much smaller than for those wishing to fly in economy class. In addition to saving time, business class passengers have access to special lounge areas where they can work, relax or daydream with a drink and a snack before the flight.

Economy class passengers go through the check-in procedure at the standard counters and often have to spend a lot of time due to significant queues.

Remember that not only the passenger has to be checked in, but also the luggage if any? The difference between the two segments exists here as well. The advantage for business class is manifested in a special mark on the luggage, which confirms its priority. Items with this status will appear on the luggage belt earlier than non-priority items.

Pay attention to baggage allowances before departure on the airline's website. More often than not, business class passengers have an advantage here as well. Hand baggage and checked baggage allowances for them are increased compared to economy class.


One of the main differences between business class and economy class is the cost of the ticket. Depending on the destination, flight distance and airline, the amount can vary by 2-5 times or more. The farther the distance, the more you have to pay. Business class passengers pay not only for the beautiful word "business". They get VIP service, attention and additional benefits before, during and after the flight. This is a great opportunity to feel like a woman of noble birth, if such an opportunity is not available in real life.

Business class offers passengers deluxe check-in, rest, luxury seats. We know that many passengers pay special attention to meals on board. Business class conditions provide almost restaurant meals and exquisite drinks. Bonus you get a large personal screen with content for entertainment, education and relaxation. Look out the window and memorize the view of the clouds while enjoying the moment.

Do not think that economy class passengers are deprived of attention and quality service. The conditions here differ from the business segment, but everything necessary for a comfortable and pleasant flight is available. Yes, it is not necessary to count on a compliment from the chef and a high-class recreation area with a personal bar. The main advantage of this group of tickets is their low price. The money saved on tickets can be allocated for the trip or invested in something worthwhile in the country of arrival. By the way, the seats, located quite close to each other, can even be an advantage. You can strike up a pleasant conversation with a neighbor or learn from him about the best places of the chosen destination. The cozy atmosphere disposes to relaxation and comfortable pastime.

If the budget is extended, you choose exceptional service and the price is not important, buy a business class ticket and enjoy the flight. For those who want to get from point A to point B without paying extra for plushies, a flight in economy class will be perfect.

Frequent flyer program

Airlines seek to reward passengers who regularly choose their services. Usually, such programs include awarding miles or points for each ticket purchased, access to discounts and special offers. By the way, miles and points can be redeemed for other flights and can even be used to pay for a business class ticket. After a while, you can compare the conditions in the two segments and decide whether the service is worth the higher cost. Even if you realize that you have made a mistake in choosing business class, do not get upset, because the flight paid by miles will not cause significant damage to the budget.

Another point worth paying attention to is the accrual of miles. When buying a business class ticket, a passenger gets more points than in the economy segment.

Additional bonuses of business class are flexibility and discretion. Passengers can take advantage of the option to cancel the flight or make a change to the flight free of charge. Those who chose economy class do not have this option.

Should you pay more for business class?

If you've long dreamed of joining this group of passengers, it's time to give it a try. Do not forget that the service and benefits of luxury class are more expensive than the more affordable economy class. Of course, the two groups of tickets have their advantages and disadvantages. The arrival time at your destination is the same for all passengers. Allocate your budget and book a flight that suits you in terms of price and conditions.