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How to choose a hotel for a work trip: 5 main criteria

When planning a business trip, it is important not only to schedule meetings and events in advance, but also to take care of comfort. One of the important points of preparation is to choose a suitable accommodation. Both physical and moral condition of a person depends on the conditions of stay. Even if it is assumed that the employee will only spend the night in the room, it is necessary to be attentive to the hotel reservation. In order not to make a mistake, focus on five main criteria.

Hotel location

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the location of the accommodation. In large cities, hotels can be found in a variety of neighborhoods. Of course, most are in the center or near tourist spots, but there are hotels and in sleeping areas, and outside the city limits. There are two things to consider:

Distance from the airport/train station. Moving from another city - an exhausting process, and if after it is a long road to the hotel, the employee will get tired before the start of work activities. It is best to choose a hotel near the place of arrival. Those who prefer buses and trains have an advantage here. In many cities, train stations are located in the center or near it, but airports have almost always been built far from residential areas. In this case, it is important to clarify in advance whether the hotel can organize a transfer. If it is available, the employee will not need to look for public transportation or call a cab - both of these methods are fraught with unexpected and unpleasant delays.
Proximity to the location of business meetings. As tempting as it may be to look out of your hotel window at the sights, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of your trip. Consider the location in which you plan to hold your business events. A hotel in the city center, in addition to luxurious views, will present traffic jams on the roads and a lot of people on public transport. Choose accommodation so that you can get to the meeting place on foot in 15 minutes - in this case you will definitely not be late, even if you oversleep or get lost.

And be sure to check when booking whether it is possible to check in at non-standard times. Most hotels accept new visitors between 12 and 14 hours, but in some hotels early check-in is available for a fee - convenient for morning flights.

Room comfort

When choosing a room, look carefully at the photos. It is important that the room has everything you need for comfortable accommodation. Pay attention to the presence of household appliances and necessary equipment. A hair dryer and iron are hard to take with you, but they will definitely come in handy during the gathering for a business meeting. And an electric kettle will eliminate the need to leave the room for a cup of coffee. And read reviews to find out if the furniture is okay. After a night on an old creaky bed, even the most responsible employee is unlikely to be full of energy. Another important point is noise insulation. Loud neighbors will spoil the mood of anyone.

Availability of a workplace

To solve professional tasks on a business trip, an employee needs a comfortable workplace. A desk and a chair, unlike a bed, in standard rooms are not always available, so when choosing a room, pay attention to the description of the furniture. Another point is the type of electrical outlet. It is better to find out in advance whether you will need an adapter and where to get it.

Some hotels organize a separate co-working area or a modern conference room with all the necessary multimedia equipment for guests. If they are available, check whether you can work there. It is also important to find out where in the hotel you can print and make copies of documents if necessary.

Availability of high-speed internet

Accessible wi-fi is now available in every hotel, but the speed and quality of the connection may be poor. To find out how things are with the Internet, study the reviews of guests. Stable internet will be needed not only for communication with your employer, but also for online conferencing, sending documents and making calls. Ideally, if wi-fi will be available not only in the room, but also in the co-working area or other places suitable for work.


In a busy work schedule, it is difficult to allocate time to find and prepare food, but no employee will last on store snacks. Therefore, choose a hotel that offers full board or at least breakfast. This will significantly save time and effort. Another convenient option is a restaurant at the hotel. Find out the menu and opening hours of the establishment in advance, so that you have time to have dinner after a busy day. The function of food delivery to your room will also be very useful. With its help, you can refresh yourself without distracting from work issues.

If you are serious about choosing a hotel for a business trip and take into account all the nuances, then the business trip will be easy and fruitful. And it will even be possible to carve out an hour or two to explore new places between meetings and events.